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KB Vision / Sales and Marketing
KB Gold
KB Edelmetall Gmbh is a financially secure, debt free and fully self funded financial institution with 16 years of successful operations.
The KB Group is represented in Switzerland, Turkey and Germany.
Managing Director: Mike Koschine
Turkey: Refinery and Mining
Switzerland: Storage and Shipment
Munich office: Administration
Stuttgart office : Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Daily Operations

Gold from KB-Vision AG
• Own goldmine
• Own refinery production
• Certified by Swiss authorities
• 24 carat - 999.9 fine gold
• Accepted as global currency
• Best guaranteed buy back price on the European market
• 1/2 gram, 1, 2,5 and 5 gram gold bars (Kinebars)

By the late 00' mining rights to a gold mine became available for purchase in Turkey. KB bought it. A short while later a precious metals refinery in Istanbul were set for sale. Then suddenly KB owned and controlled 2 impressive assets. KB is the 1st and only company not only to own & control gold mines, but own it’s own Refinery and Production facility.
KB is also the first company in the world that has a 'Green' product line for their gold. No toxic chemicals are used in the production and in order to produce as environment friendly as possible, they have build their own exclusive production line which they are now expanding to keep up with the growth.

Only Gold And Silver Can Be Money

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