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Gold - the new global currency...
There was a time when gold was money. The world's major economies have experienced a rapid money supply growth of 10 % plus per annum in recent years, and it is not backed up by gold, as in 'the good old days'. But the yellow metal is returning as a store of value when everything else seems risky. Watch our 4 minute Intro Presentation.

Why invest in gold?
Experts agree, gold will double in value over the next 10 years and they recommend that you invest between 5 and 20 % of your assets in gold. Gold from KB Vision is attractive; it is certified and made in small units. You can have your gold stored in Switzerland, and immediately converted to money, if the need arises.Watch the Main Presentation now.

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There are no fees, no monthly costs and no obligations to buy gold. To be a KB Affiliate Partner is a great opportunity offered to you. I want to know more.
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Karatbars International collectible card is a small card, which contains an image of a certain person, place or thing (fictional or real)
Karatbars International first edition of the collector card is "Pope John Paul II" with a limitation of 100,000 cards. Upcoming editions in the future will include: country maps, event, tickets, famous people and much more.
All special editions are limited and include 1 gram gold bullion.

All of Karatbars International collector editions will be posted on Karatbars International website and can only be preordered there.

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